donderdag 5 mei 2016

Olympus Air Nexus 6 case

I got an Olympus Air for my birthday, but my Nexus 6 only fits barely in the default hook that comes with it. Fortunately the hardware specification is available online which have sample files for creating a case for the iPhone. Kevin McCormack created a Nexus 6 case and graciously shared it on the thingiverse. I was able to combine the two and create a new model, which I uploaded to Shapeways where it is now available if you wish to print one (the "Buy" option is "at cost", I have no shop there and will not make a profit from purchases). You can also download the model if you wish to modify it or print it yourself.
The first time the case was slightly too large, possibly due to the original being meant for different materials. After measurements I reduced the model by 2mm, 1mm and 0.4mm and the result turned out reasonably well. Purple was a better color for me too.

I haven't yet tried it, but the Olympus Air fits well, and the new case is slightly smaller. The phone fits well in it, and doesn't move.